will the beams be broke and crossed

these things get louder

The second sermon on baptism, with Paul's letter to the Romans as our guide:

Much trouble is caused imagining “sin” is only something we do. Or, if we remember our catechism, something we fail to do. And, while it is what do, and fail to, that unleashes sin. Sin is so much more than just actions. It’s a power that’s been let loose. Sin is a power that’s been let loose in the world…
Kind of like that great sci-fi series; “Stranger Things.” A show about this ragtag crew of outcasts who stumble upon an experiment gone horribly wrong.
A weapons manufacturer, exploring paranormal weapons, opened a portal to another dimension. Instead of accessing weapon power, though, they just unlocked a path for the monster who inhabited that dimension, to wreak havoc on ours. Basically it’s the story of Adam and Eve and the aftermath. A tale of an action that began a terrible chain reaction. That’s how sin works. More like a force, than something we have or haven’t done.
And it’s the…

so I’m inviting you to join me in this fight

to go down to the river, and come up all three times

A reading from Acts 2
It’s one of those questions that cuts through it all. One that lays our humanity, our brokenness bare. “Brothers,” the crowd asked after Peter’s sermon, “what should we do?”
…What should we do? And who among us here hasn’t wondered that? When you’re cut to the heart. When you’re overwhelmed by it all and the words just come tumbling out, “What should I do.”
We’ve all been there.  Life has a way of doing that. Of pressing us up against it. Of making it all too plain, we don’t know what to do. We’re lost. The circumstances of life have left us helpless… “What should we do?”
And, who hasn’t been on the other side of it, either? Sitting across the table from a friend, a child, a brother or sister who’s in trouble. Listening as they lay it all out. What they’re up against. What’s happened to them. The news they got from an unexpected call.  They lay it all out to you and after looking down for a second or two, they look back u…

this thing could go two ways

won't be another exit for days

Final sermon on the book of Revelation, Revelation 21 & 22:
So let me ask you a question, “what’s going to determine your future?”
…Sure, plenty of you are well into your retirement, and maybe you think you don’t have to wrestle with questions like that anymore.  But don’t fool yourselves. And just take a lesson from Courtney, or ___________________. They have no illusions, they know they have to wrestle with this question every day…
So, “who's going to determine your future?”
Recently I finished up this show called “Legion.” It’s a superhero story, from the X-men, I guess. Typically that kind of show would hold little interest for me; but the creator of Fargo was involved with Legion. So I watched it. It’s about this guy, David. And David’s whole life, he’s been told he’s schizophrenic.  See, David thinks he can control things with his mind; and of course that’s crazy. So he meets with doctors, is prescribed medications and diagnosed with schizophren…

in measured hundredweight and penny pound

when the man comes 'round

Sixth Sermon from the book of Revelation:
passages from chapters 17 & 19

Today’s scripture isn’t THE End, but it’s pretty darn close.  This is the Final battle. The battle that ushers in The End. The battle where Good and Evil have it out. The battle that determines what The End will look like. And honestly, it doesn’t go down the way we were expecting.  First of all, it’s no actual battling in this battle.  There’s no fighting! Jesus just shows up. The only weapon he wields is his presence, his word. And it’s enough!!! Because secondly, the battle is over before it even begins! Jesus simply arrives, and his mere presence is enough to subdue the enemies of God.
This Final Battle does not go the way we would expect. Without any fighting, concluding before it can even begin.
Of all the surprises, though, the biggest is something of a detail, so let me read the passage to you: “(Jesus, the Rider of the white horse) is dressed in a robe soaked with blood(?!?), and …

even after death & dirt

let 'em know who said it first

Sermon Series on Revelation; Revelation 13:
Today’s scripture is like something straight from a horror movie… Two beasts; one rises from the sea, the other rises from the land. Wreaking havoc in service of the dastardly Dragon. They force all they encounter to worship that Dragon by hook or by crook, they method matters not…
It was before the passage of scripture we read that we meet the Dragon these Beasts serve. John tells us he is the ancient serpent who is called Devil and Satan.  After the birth of the Messiah, the Dragon tried to kills the Messiah, but he was snatched away to safety in Heaven, So the Dragon tried to storm Heaven. The Dragon, however, is no match for the arch-angel Michael and his battalion. He’s unceremoniously thrown from Heaven, and lands to earth in a heap. Like a pile of dirty laundry.  Bested, the Dragon unleashes his fury on the inhabitants of earth. His cronies in this chaos are the two Beasts.
Now the temptation, is to go down…