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walking around / head full of sound

"Without a vision the people perish" ~Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) It is during these days of holidays that I think this parable is more important than ever.

During this season of family gatherings, meal preparations, trips, card-sending, dressing-up, tree decorating, gift-giving, TV specials and the like; it is easy to feel like everything is clamoring for our all our time - all at once.
Every ad claims to offer the thing we need to save us this holiday season. So, with all these things making demands on our time, we haggardly run through our days from one thing to the next; until finally, inevitably, we collapse.
I think this is why everyone is sick of Christmas by the time it arrives. That point is so important I want to say it again: By the time December 24 finally rolls around, everyone is nearly sick and tired of Christmas because all these promises of holiday cheer has been shoved in our faces for (at least) over a month.
For most of November and December commercials, stores, an…

entre les royaumes

des vivantes et des morts
The Holy Gospel according to St. Luke the 20th (27-38) Chapter! Today we will have a funeral sermon for this poor widow. The Sadducees question makes it clear, such a woman must have had a rough life. Worse though, is that when such a widow is spoken of, it is only to mock Jesus and his followers. The Sadducees don't pose this question because they care about a woman in such a spot; no, they pose this question to ridicule those who believe in the Resurrection.
So, in spite of the Sadducees dehumanizing use of such a widow's life and in continuity with Jesus' promise to her, we will have a funeral sermon for the woman. It's the least she deserves...
Let's begin: Today we remember this widow, it must be said she didn't have the easiest life.
She didn't have much of a dowery to offer a potential suitor, she didn't have a lot to offer in marriage.. Thankfully, though, eventually she was able to be married...
And we'd all hope that marrie…